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What offers bauernhof-ostsee.de?

Hosts of farm holidays can be listed in the catalogue either by short description or in more detailed information. You will be able to choose what suits you better. Within the personalized information you will be able to place a link to your existing web page. On the detailed page of your offer interested tourists will be able to send enquiries directly to you. Therefore an advertisement on bauernhof-ostsee.de will either replace or work as a reasonable supplement to your own homepage.

And what makes it so special?

Bauernhof-ostsee.de specializes in the marketing of farm holidays in the area of the Baltic Sea. The whole web presence will be optimised for internet search engines. With the best legally possible placements in the search result, lists we will take care that your offers are found by tourists from all over the world. The link on your detailed page will also advance the placement of your existing homepage within search engines. But the best special is, that you will be able to test the benefits for one year at no charge. This is your possibility to earn money without investing more than the time for enlisting your own advertisement. And this won’t take more than a second .

Why is it for free?

We want you to test the product first. You will be able to use the features of bauernhof-ostsee.de for one whole booking season for free. Thereafter you can decide whether the advertisement is worth money or not. This is a honest deal without any hidden costs. We want to convince by good service and persist on the market that way. Our attitude is: What serves the client best, is as well good for us.

Who pays for it then?

The development and carrying out the catalogue is of course only possible with capital investments, which are financed by proprietary capital.

Who creates bauernhof-ostsee.de?

bauernhof-ostsee.de is a project of Martin Lingnau (design), Helge Siems (project manager), and Edgar Soldin (development of the software). Helge Siems has been collecting knowledge in letting holiday apartments on a farm in Dahme / Germany, with or as well without the internet, since many years. He develops and advises for own purposes and customer orders homepages for vacation on the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Harz Mountains. Edgar Soldin is a recently graduated computer scientist, who pushes the project unstoppably forward with his extensive background in internet technologies. Scalability and object-oriented programming are not only fancy technical sounding words to him, but concepts implemented in his works.

Is it possible to enlist my farm, when it is located on the North Sea?

No, the catalogue is designed especially and exclusively for holiday farms around the Baltic Sea (Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland and the Baltic states). If you want to make more or better profit throughout the internet, we will be happy to assist. We are looking forward to receive your enquiry.

What is the engine that bauernhof-ostsee.de consists of?

The engine is a very efficient software based on php and SQL which is especially developed for internet catalogues. The software is developed with a powerful generic engine, which can easily be used for similar projects. If you are interested in our software please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I have another question!

No problem, please ask via E-Mail, ICQ 93012107 or telephone +49 (0) 43 82 - 920 867. We are happy to assist you every day.

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